Prayer Schools, missionary training, and conferences are held in various languages at home and abroad.

We are the ‘revival generation’

Every revival that has begun after the Early Church, came solely from prayer and every Christian has this longing for prayer and to see God work through our prayers. When we make the decision to pray, he begins to restore us and change the world through us

Prayer School is the foundation of ANI Ministries. It is an institution that teaches how to be led by the Word and the Holy Spirit. Through this training , our worldview and values will transform and our whole life will be built upon the foundation of God’s Word.

As you experience deep fellowship with Jesus-the living Word and the Holy Spirit who is the greatest teacher of prayer, a new level of prayer will open up for revival in this season.

What is


Prayer School Program

Praise and Worship_

Every session begins in His presence by exalting Him with thanksgiving, praise, and worship

Lecture by topic_

Lectures on faith / new creation / prayer / God’s kingdom are taught by speakers prayer leaders and missionaries from the field

Group meeting_

Weekly small groups provide a space to share their meditations, discuss the lecture, and pray together. 

Individual assignments_

  • Daily meditation : Personal meditation according to meditation schedule (recorded in meditation notes)
  • Daily Prayer : Set a certain time goal every day and personal prayer
  • Daily Reading : Daily Bible Reading (once a year)
    Reading Must Read: Reading Books That Help Spiritual Recovery and Growth


Training period_

  • Spring Prayer School:
    March ~ June / Prayer Journey July / August
  • Fall Prayer School:
    September~ December / Prayer Journey January / December

Registration Guide_

  • Register online or in person at your respective school
  • Registration Fee Payment : You may pay after beginning the course to your respective prayer center location.
  • Registration inqueries :  042-862-6227

Completion Regulations_

  • Commitment to the program is vital for our training course. Participating in every Prayer School course (weekly lectures, personal assignments, Prayer School Conferences, Prayer Journey)
  • No more than three absences


Prayer School Curriculum

4 Theme Schools

School of Faith_

Me and God / Era / Living by the Word / Living by Faith

We who are called by faith are righteous by believing in Jesus Christ. Our life as children of God is a journey that begins with faith and is completed by faith. In this session, you will be trained to be righteous by learning to follow Jesus who lived by the Word and by the Holy Spirit. This will be the most valuable investment in your life.

New Creation School_

New Creation

The Christian’s realization and conviction of his identity in the Word and in the Holy Spirit is the sure foundation of a victorious life in Christ. Having conviction of the truth that Almighty God created us to be kingly priests by the cross of Christ gives us the tangible power to overcome sin and the world in our daily lives.

School of Prayer_

Basic Principles of Prayer / Various Prayers from the Bible


When prayer is restored, everything is restored. It is a time to realize the biblical principles of prayer and to know God more intimately through practical training in prayer. The practice of living united with Christ in prayer, in the Word, and in the Holy Spirit transforms our daily lives completely.

School of Kingdom of God_

Power of the Church / Spiritual Wars / Intercession / The Kingdom of God

The public-life of Jesus is focused on the kingdom of God. Therefore, the theme that unites the New Testament and the Old Testament is God and His Kingdom. It is essential for us to believe in Jesus and become His holy nation. Discovering this wonderful mystery that His kingdom begins in my life and reaches to the ends of the earth is crucial for every believer.

Prayer School

Prayer school which is centered on 4 themes, is held once a week for 16 weeks. 


One-day conference on the subjects: the Cross / the Holy Spirit / the name of Jesus / Healing and finances are held once or twice a semester.

Prayer Journey

Prayer Journey to leave the country with teams after the 16 weeks of Prayer School


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you eligible to attend the Word Prayer School?

Any Christian who accepts Jesus Christ as their Savior can attend Prayer School. However, if you haven’t received Jesus Christ yet but want to know more about Jesus and the Bible, you are welcome to participate.

What are the benefits of completing Prayer School?

You will be equipped to begin your personal prayer life. Your whole understanding of the Bible will be renewed and you will Not only will you experience a personal recovery, you will also experience a revival that begins with yourself and will extends to your home, ministry, and work.

Can I register at any time during Prayer School?

During the 16 weeks of the Prayer School, the 1st week will be an open session. Registering from the 3rd week will not be possible.

Can I start a Prayer School in my city?

You can start intensive leadership training first. For more information, please contact the Prayer School Administration Team.