We are a mission-minded, non-denominational community that has  gathered in obedience to the call of the Great Commission. It is our deepest desire to prepare the way of the Lord’s coming by united intercessions for the nations. We believe that it is our mission and calling to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to every tongue and nation. By doing so, we are preparing the way for His return.


Our Story

ANI 선교회의 스토리

Our Intercession meetings began as a small gathering of prayer warriorsin 1997. Our desire was to fulfill the great commission and since then, intercessory ministries, missionary training courses, missionary commissioning, church planting, school, have been birthed. We are expanding the kingdom of the Lord through such ministries through our network.

Every believer is called to transform the world by the Word of God. ANI Ministries was founded upon intercession, worship, and the witnessing of God’s Word being fulfilled on earth. Even now, intercessory groups, both at home and abroad are gathering at prayer centers to lift up prayers, intercessions, and worship before the throne of the God.


We believe that our prayers and intercessions impact the nations and brings down the Kingdom of God to the earth.


We believe in Jesus’ final commission to “go and make disciples of all nations”. Our heart is to take the power of the Gospel to the ends of the earth.


We believe in raising up the bride of Christ in the Word of God, in prayer, and in practical ministry to serve the Body of Christ.

Our mission

Our mission is to awaken the church to a life of power through prayer by the Word of God, to train and equip the church, and then to send the church out fulfill the final commission. We see the darkness covering the earth, yet we have hope because God has given us the church to be a light in the dark, to bring down revival, and prepare the way of the Lord’s return.

Restoring Prayer in the Church

Prayer School is the foundation of ANI Ministries. It is an institution that teaches how to be led by the Word and the Holy Spirit. Through this training , our worldview and values will transform and our whole life will be built upon the foundation of God’s Word.

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